Please keep the following rules in mind when posting in the forum to ensure vibrant, peaceful, and rewarding discussions on Dada's books.

There are a few simple rules for participating in the forum. Kindly observe them whenever you make a post.
1) Respect.
a. Please ensure that your posts are respectful of other members and refrain from using harsh or condescending language, even when you disagree with their interpretations. We are all here to learn from one another.
b. Please ensure that your posts do not show disrespect towards any other religions, cultures, or spiritual organizations and their leaders. As Dada has taught us, “Many are those who will go to any length to prove the superiority of their religion over others. There are very few who bear witness to the great teachings in deeds of daily living.” Let us strive to be among those few!

2) Relevance.
a. Please do not engage in personal conversations in the forum. We may share examples from our personal lives in the context of our reflections on the readings, but let them not lead us into a back-and-forth that distracts from the main conversation about the readings.
b. Please avoid posting content that is explicit, political, or otherwise controversial in a way that would stir up unproductive debates unrelated to the readings.
c. Please do not share any forwarded messages or spam of any kind. This includes opening multiple threads for the same topics/type of content. Keeping the forum organized will allow everyone to easily find the discussions that inspire their participation and growth.

3) Activity.
a. Please try to participate in the thread for the current Book Club pick before opening threads on any other books to ensure a lively discussion on the content everyone is reading.
b. Each month, all Book Club groups will be assigned the same chapters/sections of the selected book to read and discuss. Please try to keep your conversation related to that section during that particular month so that everyone will have read enough to contribute to the conversation.
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