Tarun Karani

Topic 1. Anger - How to overcome anger?

Practical Suggestions

  1. The best and surest way of controlling anger is the way of self-realization. Once you realize who you are, you will never be angry. This implies identification with our highest self.
  2. Develop the will to control anger. Realize the uselessness of anger. We may not harm the person with whom we feel angry but we surely harm ourselves when we are angry.
  3. Accept every incident and accident as God's Will. Rejoice in whatever His Will brings to you. You will then arrive at a stage where nothing will upset you and make you angry.
  4. Seek the help of God to control your anger. Without His grace, you can achieve nothing.
  5. Avoid occasions for anger. Whenever you find yourself in a situation which makes you angry, turn away from it
  6. Avoid haste— for haste is the mother of anger, even as hatred is its father.
  7. Whenever you feel anger approaching, keep your mouth shut and your lips sealed. When you speak, speak lovingly, softly, gently.
  8. If you are unable to keep quiet, hum to yourself a simple tune. This will help you to relax and remain calm.
  9. When angry, drink a glass or two of cold water, or go out and take a brisk walk, or run or jog. Exercise will burn up your negative emotional energy
  10. Count upto ten, or if you are very angry, count upto hundred.


Book: Dada Answers – Questions you have always wished to ask (Author – Dada J. P. Vaswani)

Topic 2. Balance and Harmony - Five Steps to achieve balance and inner harmony

1. Begin the day with God

2. Let your mind rest in God

3. Count your blessings

4. Accept the will of God

5. Pray without ceasing

Topic 3. Cheerfulness - Therapy of Cheerfulness

Practical Suggestions

1. Good Morning Lord!

2. Always wear a smile

3. Laugh three times a day

4. Have a healthy sense of humor

5. Learn to laugh at yourself

6. Always look at the bright side of life

7. Always be in the driver’s seat

8. Rejoice in everything

9. Always be positive in your attitude towards life

10. To be happy, make others happy

11. Laugh and Smile, Smile, Smile, All the While, All the While

Topic 4. Difficulties - How to face the challenges of Life?

Practical Suggestions

1. Develop and grow in a constant awareness of God's presence.
2. Never neglect your daily appointment with God (a time set aside
for silent contemplation and prayer).
3. What is impossible with man is possible with God.
4. Develop a healthy sense of humor.
5. Go out of your way to help others


Talk: How to face the challenges of life? By Dada J. P. Vaswani

Marriott's Frenchman's Reef Hotel, St. Thomas, April 1999

Topic 5. Difficulties - How to move mountains?

Practical Suggestions

1. Remind yourself, I am not this, I am that. So help me GOD.

2. Practice daily silence every single day, Introspect – What am I?, TAT TWAM ASI – That art thou

3. Whatever you do, do it with awareness - Thoughts you think, words you utter, deeds you perform, feelings, emotions

4. Be aware of everything. Experience everything. Expect nothing

5. Keep moving no matter whatever is the situation or circumstances - Follow the example of an ant

6. Transcend the physical dimension and stay in the spiritual dimension as long as you can

7. Do that which you are afraid of doing to realize your true potential

8. Forget your comfort, your convenience and help others - Did you meet him on the road?, Did you leave him with the load? - Sadhu Vaswani

9. Hari Main Jiso Taiso Tero

10. Naaham Naaham, Too Ho Too Ho

Topic 6. Ego – How can we dislodge the ego from the position of sovereignty and supremacy that it has occupied in our lives?

Practical Suggestions

1. When you are with your friends, do not attempt to show off, or push yourself forward.

2. Avoid talking too much; the more you talk, the more you tend to monopolize conversation, and draw attention to yourself, feeding your own ego. It will do you immense good to remain silent and hear others talk.

3. Talk little to those you wish to help; what really helps is not your words, but your vibrations.

4. Always steer clear of the desire to tell others of your life and achievements, your experiences, your views and opinions; live and grow in the thought that you are not the ultimate authority on any subject.

5. Realize that your true value lies not in your outer, empirical self, but your inner imperishable self.

6. Cultivate friendship with this inner self. And meditate on the significant words of the Gita:

He who hath conquered

His lower self of cravings and desires,

He hath his supreme friend found

In the self, immortal, true!

But he who’s still a victim

To his appetites and passions,

Verily, the self becometh to him

Hostile as an enemy!

7. Conquer the ego – so that your own ‘self’ does not become your enemy

Practical Tip

Learn to give compliments. Compliment at least three people today. In appreciating others, you too will be appreciated amply. Though simple, this exercise yields rich dividends! However, avoid the danger of insincere compliments.


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